NAIDOC 2022 Corporate Lanyards Show Up - Truth Telling


Lanyards Show Up - Truth Telling 

Sublimated full colour (satin feel) lanyard printed 2 sides. Standard - swivel metal hook and breakaway fitting.

When you think about lanyards, you think about cords that carry identification cards for work or for school, which are hung around the neck. This is the primary use of the lanyard as we know it today. There are however other uses for the lanyard, apart from carrying your school, work ID, key holders, pen holders, phone holders, compass holders or even an emergency tool kit.

Artist story:

The white circles in this artwork represent growing groups of people engaging in respectful truth telling of Indigenous Culture and true Australia’s history in our educational institutions. The wavy movements of the coloured dots in this artwork represents the ongoing waves of change that is happening in Australia’s present day.

As more areas of education (e.g Childcare, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Private and Public)participate in Truth Telling through listening, learning and sharing the truth about Australia’s past, past policy’s, both Indigenous cultures and traditional Lores, more white circles will begin to grow and multiply, leading towards teaching an all inclusive Australian history. Truth telling is a fundamental part in the reconciliation process of Australia, let’s show up and whole heartedly embrace truth telling and share in Australia’s rich first nations past and culture.


Artist: BW Tribal Copyright to BW Tribal Pty Ltd


Material: Polyester

Style: Sublimated

Length 95cm, Width 2.5cm

Attachments: Safety Clip & Metal Hook swivel metal hook and breakaway fitting



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NAIDOC 2022 Corporate Lanyards Show Up - Truth Telling

NAIDOC 2022 Corporate Lanyards Show Up - Truth Telling