NAIDOC 2022 Corporate Lanyards - Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!


Lanyards  - Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

Sublimated full colour (satin feel) lanyard printed 2 sides. Standard - swivel metal hook and breakaway fitting.

When you think about lanyards, you think about cords that carry identification cards for work or for school, which are hung around the neck. This is the primary use of the lanyard as we know it today. There are however other uses for the lanyard, apart from carrying your school, work ID, key holders, pen holders, phone holders, compass holders or even an emergency tool kit.

Artist story:

Our people have been through a lot, they have toil and fought against oppression, and we are still fighting the injustice. We have come this far, our people, we are resilient and have endured hardships, but we never gave up. 

My artwork display the different patterns which represent people from different clans and tribal group whether indigenous or non-indigenous coming together in unison, ‘stop marking time in one spot’ it’s time to Get Up! challenge the system for change, this is depicted with the clenched fist holding the war club (Gaba Gaba) rising from the land, our ancestors were warriors, Time to Stand Up! make our voice heard.  The Torres Strait Island dhari featured relates to Identity, as we move forward, Show Up! to address issues within our communities, climate changes, protection of our country both land and sea and sacred sites. In solidarity for our future generations.

Artist: BW Tribal Copyright to BW Tribal Pty Ltd


Material: Polyester

Style: Sublimated

Length 95cm, Width 2.5cm

Attachments: Safety Clip & Metal Hook swivel metal hook and breakaway fitting



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NAIDOC 2022 Corporate Lanyards - Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

NAIDOC 2022 Corporate Lanyards - Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!